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Open Days of European Funds 2018

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On 11 May 20118, the Lublin Food Bank once again joined the celebration of the Open Days of European Funds. Report from previous ones can be viewed HERE. As part of the event, the exhibition stands of the Food Bank Partner Organizations in Lublinien and the WTZ exhibition stands from the Świdnicki poviat (occupational therapy workshops for people with disabilities) could be viewed. Works from occupational therapy workshops ASSOCIATIONS MISERICORDIA were also presented. The event satisfied the needs for spirit and body. There were workshops and culinary demonstrations for children and entire families. It was shown how in a simple way, using products that can be obtained as part of the assistance from the Food Bank, you can create elegant and delicious snacks. The children became fascinated by the process of creating sorbets. For the youngest, there are also entertainment in the form of inflatables and various games, complemented by competitions and knowledge quizzes about the European Union. The entire event was graced with performances by “PAKA WOŹNIAKA” from the commune of Serniki and the folk band “BABECZKI” from the commune of Nowodwór. A good performance was given by the DELUXE TEAM. We would like to thank all those involved in the creation of the event and all participants.


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