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Open Days of European Funds

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Open Days of European Funds is about making available to a wide range of interested, projects implemented with the participation of European Union funds. We can work also thanks to these measures, so we took part in the action. In our original office at ul. In Łabędza in Lublin, non-governmental friendly and involved in the food distribution process organizations found a place to present their achievements. Some folk song groups came along with some of them, making the event more atractive with great singing. Local delicacies, dishes, cakes, juices could be tasted on the stands. At the same time, culinary workshops took place with the participation of our masters and the youth from Junior High School No. 14. Then, the young people gave an energetic dance show. Who satisfied the body and soul could use the advice of a professional dietitian.

Lot of people from the Bronowice district confirmed that the organization of such initiatives makes sense and is a concrete added value in the life of the local community.


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