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For that land where a scrap of bread is picked up
From the ground out of reverence
For Heaven’s gifts…
I am homesick, Lord!…

CK Norwid


I am asking you to join the food distribution process in your area. Already in the second half of this year, the next edition of the Operational Program Food Aid 2014-2020 is launched as part of which attractive food products will be available, such as chicken ham, fish in oil, sugar, juices and many more. At present, we are reaching up to 71,000 people, but over 10,000 are still waiting for support.
I cordially invite you to cooperation. Together, we can do a lot of good.


Marzena Pieńkosz-Sapieha
President of the Food Bank Foundation in Lublin

How does the Food Bank work?

The main activity of the Food Bank Foundation is to counter food waste, reduce areas of hunger and fight poverty. In addition, the Food Bank Foundation undertakes wide-ranging activities in the field of social assistance. He supports and equalizes opportunities for families and people in difficult life situations, helps victims of disasters and natural disasters, activates people in need, promotes a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it deals with the promotion and organization of volunteering and offers ad hoc economic and material help to persons in crisis situations. It undertakes the promotion of entrepreneurship, training and publishing activities.


Lublin province

Along with 50 organizations, we provided help for 6 817 people. We delivered 488,273.42 tons of food worth 4 025 630.12.


Along with 31 organizations, we provided assistance to 2,225 people. We delivered 146 013.98 tons of food worth 1 741 625.54.


ul. Młyńska 18, 20-406 Lublin
81 744 44 38